BRT Laboratories, Inc.
Ms. Nicole’s assistance was great. Timely, efficient and very professional. I would recommend anyone, anytime that needs this service. Thank you. – Arlington, VA (3/25/13)
Thank you for the fast and great customer service. I will definitely refer those that I know that need your service. – Burtonsville, MD (10/2012)
The overall service was awesome. The receptionist was adorable and very customer orientated. (6/19/12)
Very pleasant and very skilled. Made the process easy for all participants. Great Job!!! (5/29/12)
I am so grateful for the parking. Thanks. (5/4/12)
You are really customer orientated. Thank you very much for the excellent service. (4/11/12)
The sample collectors were very professional, courteous and welcoming. Very good Service. (3/16/12)
Very courteous and nice. Really knows job and makes client feel welcome. Excellent. (3/3/12)
Very patient and informative in explaining the process. (1/30/12)