Top 5 Common Reasons People Get a DNA Paternity Test Done

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While child support and custody cases are the most talked about cases, among everyday citizens, as it relates to DNA paternity tests, there are additional life circumstances that prompt people to get a DNA paternity test.

Here are some top 5 common reasons people get a DNA Paternity Test done:

1. To establish legal paternity & child support: From cases where a mother files a paternity suit against a man for child support to cases where the presumed father files a case against the mother for custody or visitation right because the mother is denying him access to the child, it is important to identify the biological relationship between the man and child in question. In order to satisfy a court of law, a legal DNA paternity test will need to be performed by a reputable, aaBB accredited lab like BRT Laboratories, in order to prove or disprove the claim of paternity.

2. To establish rights to an inheritance: We’ve all heard the saying “Papa was a rolling stone”; however, in many instances, this fact doesn’t surface until Papa is deceased. Situations can arise in inheritance cases where unknown or known, but disputed, children of a deceased father (or mother) file claim to an inheritance. To be absolutely certain whether the child (minor or adult) in question is an heir to the inheritance, having a legal DNA paternity test completed will clear up any doubts and ensure those who are entitled to an inheritance are treated fairly in the case.


3. To identify “biological”  (vs. Adopted Parent): It is common for children who are raised by adopted parents or conceived through donor conception to have a desire to find and identify their “real” father. Similar to cases where a married couple divorces when a child is young and the child is raised by another man who may assume a father role in the child’s life, there is often a need, once the child grows up, to meet and have a relationship with their biological father. DNA paternity tests that are performed with the highest standards, as they are at BRT Laboratories, are an important step to helping adult children find their “real” fathers.

4. To confirm sibling relationships: When 2 or more people believe that they may be siblings, a DNA paternity test on each sibling will determine if they indeed share a common father; however, this will not tell them who their father is.  In order to confirm who the fathers of the siblings are, the presumed father must submit to a DNA paternity test.  True identical twins, however, do share the same father since they have identical genetic codes and come from the same egg.

5. To obtain Social Security & Life Insurance Benefits: When a father is deceased and legal paternity has not been established or paternity is being questioned, Social security and life insurance claims may require proof of paternity. In these types of cases, a medical examiner would be court ordered to obtain a DNA sample. The DNA sample would be  submitted to an aaBB accredited laboratory, such as BRT Laboratories, Inc., to conduct a legal paternity test without the claimant needing to rely on other forms of evidence in order to convince a court that a biological relationship existed.

The above list highlights the most common reasons people have a need for a DNA paternity test.  Accredited labs like BRT Laboratories, Inc.  can return results of the probability of paternity in excess of 99.9% of whether a man is or is not the father. DNA paternity tests are legally recognized as the most accurate way to establish if there is a biological relationship between people. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your DNA paternity test by ordering a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or legal DNA Paternity test easily on-line, or call us at 1-800-765-5170 and use code: BRT-AM for special discount.