BRT Laboratories, Inc.

Immigration DNA Testing – Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions


  •  Who will test my beneficiary(ies) samples and how will they know where to go?  The U.S. Embassy will contact your beneficiary to schedule an appointment, collect and ship your beneficiary(ies) samples to BRT Laboratories in the U.S., where the genetic comparison between beneficiary(ies) and petitioner is performed.
  • Will my beneficiary(ies) be expected to pay anything?  Your beneficiary(ies) will be required to pay a small sample collection fee to the Embassy/Consulate or its designated panel physician for the collection of their samples. Some countries will not allow pre-paid return shipping; those countries will require the beneficiary to pay the return shipping charges at the time of their sample collection in that country.
  • If I’m in a hurry, can my test be expedited?  If you have a deadline with an Embassy/Consulate or Homeland Security USCIS, you have the option to pay a $200 non-refundable fee to rush your case.  BRT Laboratories, Inc. cannot guarantee to meet specific deadlines; however rushing the case can significantly reduce testing time.
  • What does the sample collection kit shipping fee cover?  For all countries except Haiti, the petitioner must pay the sample collection kit-shipping fee to send the sample collection kit to the country in which their beneficiary resides.  For most countries the petitioner must prepay the return-shipping fee for the sample to be returned to the U.S.  Please contact BRT Laboratories, Inc. for a complete list of shipping fees.
  • Where and how are test results sent?  Upon completion of testing, BRT Laboratories, inc. will send an official report of test results by 1st Class U.S. Mail, express shipping, or Embassy specified courier  to the Embassy or Homeland Security USCIS Office. Test results for specific Embassies are sent electronically via secure email, as required by those Embassies.  For most countries, express shipping of the test results is optional but is highly recommended.  Petitioners may request a copy of test results be sent to them for their records.
  • How long does the testing take?  Testing takes approximately 2-3 weeks to be completed from the time we receive samples from all individuals to be tested.  In rare cases, extended testing may be required, which may take an additional 2-3 weeks.  When testing is completed, an official report of test results will be generated and sent to the appropriate agency.