BRT Laboratories, Inc.

Why Choose BRT Laboratories?

BRT Laboratories’ DNA testing services have been used and trusted by the legal community to resolve a variety of legal issues since 1945. Our attorney clientele includes legal professionals in the following areas of law:

Family Law / Custody & Child Support
Family Law / Adoptions
Immigration Law
Estate Law

At BRT Laboratories, we understand that the needs of an attorney are often different from the needs of the tested parties, and our team of Case Managers are available to serve you and answer any questions that you may have. We respect and value your time. To that end, we offer attorneys the option to order paternity DNA and immigration DNA tests through our on-line system or by placing the order over the phone. You can reach our Case Management Department at 1-800-765-5170.

The decision to have a paternity DNA test or immigration DNA test is one faced by thousands of people every year, often in complicated emotional circumstances. It is therefore essential that you choose the right company to carry out your relationship DNA test. The most important features of BRT Laboratories’ DNA testing services are:

  • Accredited – We are an aaBB-accredited DNA laboratory
  • Convenience – We have sample collection sites throughout all 50 states and a global international network
  • Personal, Dedicated Case Manager – Our paternity DNA and immigration DNA customer service specialists will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Our responsibility to you does not end with the distribution of results. We will help you and/or your client interpret those results and will provide expert testimony if required.
  • Experience & Credibility – BRT Laboratories and its parent company, the Baltimore Rh Typing Laboratory, have been providing quality testing since 1945. We are constantly recommended by courts, doctors, government agencies and attorneys.
  • Fast Turnaround & Flexible Payment Options – We offer flexible payment options to your clients for paternity & immigration DNA testing
  • Special Savings Offer & More- As a member of our Attorney Partnership Program, you will receive an introductory packet to BRT Laboratories that will include special saving coupons that you can distribute to your clients who could benefit from a reduction in their testing costs.  Additionally, you’ll receive our monthly e-newsletter that is filled with current news, and relevant information related to paternity, immigration and other relationship DNA testing.

Once your order is received, we will make all arrangements for the secure collection and shipment of cheek swabs or other appropriate samples, as needed, for your case. Unless otherwise requested, you do not need to be involved in this process.

All tests requested by an attorney will be conducted using our strict Chain of Custody procedures that document the identity of the tested parties, provide for secure transportation of all samples to our testing laboratory. Internal processes are used throughout the testing process to maintain chain of custody. You may refer to the “Accreditations” section of our website to review all of  our accreditations. Our laboratory also participates in numerous proficiency tests to ensure the continual high performance of our laboratory processes.

All DNA testing results will be signed by one of our management leaders, notarized, and will contain a statement of accreditation thus ensuring its acceptance as evidence in a legal matter.


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